Display and & Exhibit Policy

Library Created Displays

The library creates displays to enhance services, programs and co-sponsored events, as well as to highlight the library’s collection. These displays have priority for display space.

 Exhibits on potentially controversial topics (for example: euthanasia, capital punishment, gun control, abortion, etc…) should represent as many opinions toward the topic as possible to create a balanced representation.  

Displays Solicited by the Brodhead Memorial Public Library

  1. As part of a themed exhibit or other displays throughout the building, items may be solicited by library staff. There is no stated or implied guarantee that items submitted in response to such a request will be displayed. Final decisions on which submission to use are to be made by the Library Director or his/her designee.
  2. Artwork or other items submitted for display are done so at the owner's risk. The library accepts no liability for damage or theft, although great care will be taken when handling them and every effort will be made to keep them safe.
  3. Artwork or other items will be picked up in timely manner following the conclusion of the display or exhibit. Groups will remove displays at the agreed time.  Display items not picked up within 30 days following the conclusion of a display or exhibit will be considered to be a donation to the Brodhead Memorial Public Library.

Community Displays & Library Display Case

  1. In the spirit of community partnerships, the library provides limited, designated space for displays for non-commercial purposes, by individuals, non-profit organizations and civic groups. Space is provided on an impartial basis, regardless of beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting space.
  2. Displays should be educational, informational, civic, historic, artistic or cultural in nature.
  3. Historical political and religious exhibits or displays are permissible for informational purposes; displays, which advocate for a single point of view, or a current political issue or election will not be permitted.
  4. Displays that provide the history of local commercial endeavors are allowed (for example: artifacts or the history of products from a local business).
  5. Displays must be appropriate for a wide-range of ages. The library does not restrict access to displays based on age.
  6. Displays are available on a first-come, first served basis and are approved by the Library Director or his/her designee.  Individuals or organizations may reserve space for one display per year.
  7. Those who display must use only the space assigned to them. Community displays that require re-arranging of library furniture, additional display cases, or utilize space other than the designated display cases require permission from the Library Director or from his/her designee.
  8. Articles on display may not be priced for sale. The displayer may leave contact information near the items in the form of a business card, or signage with the displayers name and contact information. This provision does not preclude sponsored exhibits, approved art exhibits, exhibits primarily informational in content, or exhibits containing advertising involving a variety of beneficiaries.
  9. The Library Director is authorized to make exceptions for sale of the art display items where an agreed upon portion of the proceeds is donated to the library, the Friends of the Library, or for the sale of items displayed by program performers.
  10. All Displays must have clear signage provided by the displayer explaining the content of the display. This signage must be approved by the Library Director or his/her designee to ensure it conforms to the library’s policies and standards.
  11. The Children’s Librarian facilitates set up and take down of displays within the Children’s Section as well as the Teen Area.
  12. In consideration for being allowed to display any items of value, the displayer will agree to hold harmless the City of Brodhead for any damage or loss to the items. This agreement is contained in the library’s waiver form signed by the displayer prior to the items being displayed.
  13. The library reserves the right to remove/discontinue a display at any time.
  14. All items for display shall be submitted ready for exhibit. The Library will not furnish construction paper, letters, or other supplies. Adhesives may not be applied to the walls.
  15.  The Library staff will not provide assistance in setting up or taking down displays. People and organizations using the facilities shall leave it neat, clean, and in orderly condition.
  16. Groups will remove displays at the agreed time.
  17. Display items not picked up within 30 days following the conclusion of a display or exhibit will be considered to be a donation to the Brodhead Memorial Public Library.

Approved by Library Board on May 19, 2014